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2018 Mary I Hill Homecare Winners 

Linda Averhart
Chicago Commons Association
Chicago, IL
Linda has been a homecare aide with Chicago Commons for more than 10
years. Throughout her tenure she has spent the last 5 years caring for
bedbound clients. She demonstrates devotion and true professionalism by al-
ways ensuring she communicates changes in her client’s condition.

Gimarie Irizarry
Rincon Family Services
Chicago, IL
Gimarie, or as her clients affectionately call her Gima, interacts excellently with
people of all backgrounds and perseveres in her contributions to the success of
our growing home care program. Her secret to success is her mindset: she con-
tinually values quality over quantity.

Jamie Ochs
Addus HomeCare
Mt. Carmel, IL
Glenda Jamie has been an outstanding homecare aide. In the face of temper,
grumpiness or lack of cooperation, Jamie puts herself in her client’s shoes to try
to understand what is affecting that client and how she might soften the situa-
tion. She acknowledges the legitimacy of her client’s feelings, empathizes and
asks to help.

Linda Sebastian
Illinois Valley Economic Development Corporation
Gillespie, IL
Linda’s fifteen years of dedication to her career is a true asset which is rare to
come by. Linda’s cheerful disposition has quite a positive impact on the partici-
pants in her care. Her work ethic, dependability and impeccable attendance
record is top notch.

Antoaneta Stoycheva
Eurpeon Service at Home, Inc.
Palatine, IL
Antoaneta is very gentle and patient when it comes to elderly. To talk about
Antoaneta and not mention her calm, sweet and gentle approach, is to miss the
whole essence about this woman. It is like a light that consists of so many col-
ors; Antoaneta’s personality is blended and wowed out of quality features which
make her an exceptional caregiver.