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2016 Mary I Hill Homecare Winners         

Linda Clark- Help at Home – St. Charles

Shown from left to right: Director Boehnoff, IDOA, Mary Hill, Linda Clark and Diane Drew, President of IACCPHP

Linda was nominated because she has a calm demeanor and a passion for helping others, which has made her a sought after homemaker in our business. She is great at handling difficult situations and uses patience and diplomacy when faced with unexpected situations. Linda is able to calm the most agitated clients and her years of problem solving skills serve her very well in the homecare profession. Congratulations Linda!


Ms. Yeon Hee Kim- Hanul Family Alliance

Shown from left to right: Director Boehnoff, IDOA, Mary Hill, Ms. Kim and Diane Drew, President of IACCPHP

Ms. Kim is being honored today because she has served with Hanul Family Alliance for many years and approaches her clients with enthusiasm and compassion. Ms. Kim subscribes to a philosophy of “Filial Piety” which focuses on respect and dignity for the elders she cares for. She is able to build trust with difficult and depressed clients and they eventually accept her as one of the “family” she becomes so valuable a companion to them. Thank you Ms. Kim for all you do!


Tiffany MeierFox Valley Older Adult Services

Shown from left to right: Director Boehnoff, IDOA, Mary Hill, Tiffany Meier  and Diane Drew, President of IACCPHP

Tiffany has been nominated today because she shares her passion and loyalty for her seniors and goes the extra mile on their behalf. She remains positive no matter what the situation and handles them with a respectful attitude.  Tiffany has improved the lives of her clients is so many ways, both large and small. She helped one senior install a mirror over the stove so they could see what they were cooking from a wheelchair. Another positive step Tiffany created was to start a fundraiser to help the Center continue the programs that are already in place, rather than have them lost due to the lack of a State Budget this year. We are so proud of you Tiffany, Congratulations!


Glen StoryHenry County Health Department

Shown from left to right: Director Boehnoff, IDOA, Mary Hill, Glen Story and Diane Drew, President of IACCPHP

Glen is being honored today because of his excellent care and service over the past 5 ½ years with the Henry County Health Department. He is a self-starter and has a reputation for treating all people with the respect and consideration they deserve. He has a good sense of humor and a low key manner that is really an asset to the clients and our agency. No matter the weather, just like the postman, Glen is there for his clients, helping them with both their physical and emotional needs as he confronts difficult situations, he is dedicated to following the plan of care to a successful conclusion. He is a worthy recipient of the Mary Hill Homecare Aide of the year award.


Christine TerryIllinois Valley Economic Development Corporation

Shown from left to right: Director Boehnoff, IDOA, Mary Hill, Christine Terry and Diane Drew, President of IACCPHP

From the very first day Christine joined the Illinois Valley Economic agency, she has been a top-notch homecare aide, which made her nomination for this award easy. She is kind, patient and has excellent listening skills. Christine keeps up on all additional services which might be helpful to her clients, helping them with energy assistance and transportation. During the floods earlier this year, one of Christine’s clients was cut off from the normal route from her home, so Christine put on her boots, and hiked up to the client in order that they not miss the care they needed. This is one of many examples of how she maneuvers her way to get the job done regardless of barriers thrown in her way. She is a first-rate homecare aide and we are very proud to have her receive the Mary Hill award today. Congratulations Christine!


Mary Hill and Director Boehnoff shown above

Theresa Collins, the Mistress of Ceremonies always does a superb job! Thank you Theresa!