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Address: 2300 Warransville Road
First Name: LaShun
Last Name: James
City: Downers Grove
State: IL
Fax: 630-487-2707
Phone: 630-296-3400
AddInfo: Services provided statewide
Address: 111 W Main St
First Name: Rita
Last Name: Downs
City: West Frankfort
State: IL
Fax: 618-932-6509
Phone: 618-937-6441
AddInfo: Providing CCP and Private Pay in-home services for Franklin, Williamson and Jackson Counties in Southern Illinois since 1979, and in Jefferson County since 1997.

Private Pay has been available since 1991.

Home-care Assistants are extensively pre-trained before providing in-home services.
Address: 4343 W Touhy Ave
First Name: Susan
Last Name: Berwari
City: Lincolnwood
State: IL
Phone: 773-863-3570
AddInfo: Service area includes all of Cook County.

CCP and Private Pay
Address: 2141 Henry Luckow Lane
First Name: Cindy
Last Name: Mathison
City: Belvidere
State: IL
Phone: 815-544-9893
Address: 2601 W. Marquette Rd., 3 East
First Name: Carla
Last Name: Turner-Brooks
City: Chicago
State: IL
Phone: 312-655-8368
AddInfo: Please see our website
Address: 1429 Jasper St
First Name: Jule
Last Name: Walker
City: Decatur
State: IL
Phone: 217-422-9888
Address: 1016 W Argyle Street
First Name: Dary
Last Name: Mien
City: Chicago
State: IL
Phone: 872-302-4249
AddInfo: Please our website
Address: 2501 W. Washington Blvd, Suite 301
First Name: Marsha
Last Name: Holmes
City: Chicago
State: IL
Phone: 312-455-1949
Address: 4424 US Hwy 34
First Name: Janell
Last Name: Steffen
City: Kewanee
State: IL
Fax: 309-852-0595
Phone: 309-852-0197
Address: 223 S Macoupin Street
First Name: Mike
Last Name: Kelly
City: Gillespie
State: IL
Phone: 217-829-4431