IACCPHP is currently accepting nominations for the Diane Drew Excellence in Leadership Award! Submit your nomination by August 19, 2020! Click here to download the nomination form.

Diane Drew Excellence in Leadership Award

For over 30 years, Diane Drew served seniors throughout Illinois in a variety of positions including co-chairman of the Community Care Program Advisory Committee, Executive Director of CHELP, and as the President of the Illinois Association of Community Care Program Homecare Providers. This award will be given annually to a leader in the Home Care Network who demonstrates the leadership and commitment to excellence that Diane exemplified throughout her career.


  • An active member of a provider of the Illinois Association of Community Care Home Care Provider Association


  • Dedicated to working on behalf of the seniors of the State of Illinois
  • Interested in building organizational, individual and multi-institutional leadership
  • Instill passion in themselves and the people with whom the work
  • Aware of their impact and role in the Association
  • Reflective on past experiences to lead in the present and future
  • Collaborate well with other people and organizations
  • Bring innovative ideas forward and to fruition
  • Regarded as demonstrating the highest integrity and ethical behavior


  • Nominations may come from provider members of IACCPHP
  • Complete the nomination form and provide a written narrative describing the nominee’s leadership characteristics and contributions to the advancement of home care.

The award is given during the IACCPHP Annual Meeting.

Mary I. Hill Home Care Aide of the Year Award

IACCPHP established the Mary I. Hill Home Care Aide of the Year Award in 1994 to recognize home care aides for outstanding service to participants of the Community Care Program. The award is named in honor of Mary I. Hill, the past Bureau Chief, Field Operations for the Illinois Department on Aging. Mary left the Department after 19 years of dedicated service to the State of Illinois and the Community Care Program. Mary, who began her career as a homemaker herself, worked relentlessly to build a program that now serves over 75,000 seniors each year.

Josephine Oblinger Legislator of the Year Award

The purpose of the Josephine Oblinger Award Legislator of the Year Award is to recognize a state legislator who has a record of supporting the issues related to the Community Care Program in Illinois and/or take an important stand on the advocacy of the Seniors in the state of Illinois.


Nominees may demonstrate examples of the following:

  • Is an outspoken advocate of the Community Care Program and Seniors in Illinois
  • Demonstrates a voting record that supports the Community Care Program and Seniors in Illinois
  • Has sponsored a minimum of one legislative bill in support of the Community Care Program in Illinois
  • Has led the passage of one or more legislative bills in support of the Community Care Program
  • Serves on or is in a leadership position of a legislative committee, which supports the Community Care Program and Seniors in Illinois

2019 Mary I. Hill Home Care Aide of the Year Award Winners

Donald Diaz
Gereda Home Care
Calumet City, IL

Donald Diaz joined Gareda in 2007. Donald works in a workforce where men are not openly accepted or appreciated. Clients that have been serviced by Donald rarely if ever will accept a substitute if he is unavailable because of the excellent service he provides to them.

Christine Fjeld
European Service at Home Inc.
Rockford, IL

Christine Fjeld provides excellent service in a professional manner for her clients. Each client is assured with Christine that she is dedicated, concerned, dependable and trustworthy to assist them in everyway that maintains their health, dignity and comfort.

Gloria Jarillo

Gloria Jarillo
Senior Services Plus
Granite City, IL

Gloria Jarillo has been with Senior Services Plus for six years. Gloria works six days a week and rarely has time for herself, but she does not complain. She picks up clients back to back no matter how far or how much help the client may need.

Gloria Johnson

Gloria Johnson
Decatur, IL

Gloria Johnson has been with CHELP for ten years. Gloria goes above and beyond for her clients. She takes on the most challenging clients and does it with a cheerful attitude. She understands the clients would be in trouble without her. She has an excellent attitude and a very high quality of work.

Maria Torres

Maria Torres
Chicago, IL

Maria Torres has continuously demonstrated excellent care during her eighteen years with ASI. Her client is a bed-bound Alzheimer’s patient whom she has been taking care of since she started with ASI. This client would have been a challenge for many homecare aides, but not for Maria. She takes excellent care of her client.